Web Development

Desktop Design Only Packages:


1 Page website with all the info required : R1 000

3 Page website : R1 800

4-8 Page website : R3 500


Desktop + Mobile Packages


1 Page website with all the info required : R1 800

3 Page website : R3 000

4-8 Page website : R6 000


Please note that if you require a page to be added to your website as an addition you will be required to pay a minimum fee of R500 per added page and this will include the design of that specific page


Benefits of our web development are:


- 20 email accounts

-  A free website name for 1 year renewal cost = R250 once a year after.

-  Free web design

- Full HTML & CSS development.

- Java for animated elements.

- Hosting and Emails for a year.

- Option to make framework responsive - compatible on all

  screensizes, devices and smartphones.

*please note that both  of the packages include the same benefits as the complete Desktop + Mobile website


Important notice:-


- R100 is compulsory in order to keep your website online and active at all times and an account number will be given to clients so that they can either make a debit order or so they can deposit the required amount. A debit order is recommended as this will help you not to miss your payments


- The compulsory payment is required between the 20th and the 30th of every month failure to pay within the given time will result in the client’s website being off-line until the required amount has been paid.


- Meetings and web updates are free (they are covered and included in the compulsory fee).

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