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Presenter : Naledi Moshidi

Guest       : Ms Cosmo

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On Thursday the 23rd of February 2017 we sat down with the one and only Ms Cosmo to get a low down of her lifestyle, how she became a DJ and her journey to being a well-known DJ not only in South Africa but internationally too.


Nonqaba Nozuko Rwaxa aka Ms Cosmo one SA best female DJ’s sat down with us to tell us more about here self. She said, shes just a laid back girl that loves to relax and chill with friends. She loves watching series and she also loves movies. She has completed her bcom Finance and investment management at the university of Johannesburg.


She said that she always loved music and she just didn’t know where she belonged in the industry, she finally got back to exploring her music dream during her last year of studying and at that time she was also going into her first job and that’s where it all started. She stated that her DJ’ing skills were not a God given skills and that she learned how to DJ through Fuse Academy (a DJ’ing school founded by SA's 1st lady of house music, DJ Zinhle) but she also believes that if you know how to DJ you will be able to succeed. She was in the school to know more about the techniques and skills needed to keep the crowed hyped up and entertained for as long as possible.


She explained the challenges that she faced in the

industry when she started and that she had to make

sure people understood that what she was doing

was not useless and that she was willing to grow and

learn how the industry works. She said that she had

to make sure that people also understood why

she was here (the music industry) because she loved

music and radio. She believes that DJ’ing is about,

can you actually DJ and can you keep the

audience hyped and entertained.

She encourages you young females to go for the

DJ’ing career but she strongly encourages them

even boys to finish school first because the

 entertainment industry as a whole it has got nothing

with DJ’ing or rapping its just that the entertainment

industry as a whole has no shortcuts, meaning you can be cool today and gone tomorrow, she encourages people to actually do DJ’ing and something on the side too, that’s what she was doing. She was at school and

also doing the DJ’ing career and at the same time she was working a 9 to 5 job.


She had to figured out how to balance her studies and her job plus the DJ’ing career too. She believes that you have to have a backup plan towards what you are doing in life and your career as well. She says that being an entertainer is a business and that’s something a lot of people don’t understand. She added that your cool won’t last forever and that’s why we ask ourselves where are the cool people now? It’s a question we ask because they had no backup plan.


She said that Hip Hop is her number one genre and that she also loves Kwaito, House music and also Afro Pop, she added that on her way for the interview she was listening to Sjava’s album and as much as you may think it’s full of Hip Hop its actually full of Afro Pop and she’s enjoying it, she enjoys listen to music regardless of the genre

She says that at this point in the game South African music is making a stand both nationally and internationally too. She says that international artists are now looking into what Africa has to offer to the game. National artists are growing and expanding their skills across the globe. She explains that the African music is huge as it stands as each country has its own unique genre which the international acts are now looking to see what we have to offer to the game


She was involved in the YFM YTKO show for a year, she started in 2012 until 2013, she says that it helped her career and to also help her to build her own brand and to learn how the industry worked, it was a great experience she ended. She was the first female DJ on channel O’s basement show. She said that it was a big deal as it came unexpectedly, because she went in as a guest appearance and they linked her performance and that’s when they approached her to be the female DJ for the show. She said that she enjoyed the experience of mixing videos and sound at the same time. She added that being in YFM open her up regionally and being on channel O opened her up nationally as well as internationally.


She wanted her own show to show case her skills fully. She said that she was lucky at the time when 5FM gave her the opportunity to host her own show. The name of the show is “The Stir Up” a Hip Hop show which she wanted to create a platform for local Hip Hop artist to actually show case their music.


Her first gig was in Sandton, she played for a couple of minutes until people started asking her for random tracks to play, she started mixing rubbish as she said, and 20 minutes into her set she called it quits. She said she was emotional but hey that’s a mistake she learned from.


She said she would never forget the international acts that she opened up for, the time she was at YFM when she opened up for Chris Brown. She expressed how she was surprised by YFM’s offer to DJ, and so she played an hour set before Chris Brown actually came out. She added that it was shocking for her as she had to keep the crowd hyped up. The second one she was trying different elements with her set to create a fresh new vibe for her set.


She concluded her interview with words of appreciation

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