Now With Lehabo Bereng

Presenter : Naledi Moshidi

Guest       : Lethabo Bereng

Venue      : Galata Bakery & Coffee

On the 5th of May 2017 we sat down with lethabo bereng to get to know him better.

he said that besides acting he can do anything in the arts field, his an actor, his a fashion columnist, custom designer and stylist and he also models. he added that his also “hot” and that besides acting he has been through the fields he mentioned. he agreed to being comfortable in his own skin.


He said that from a very young age his mother said that he must inspire, serve and live his truth. He added that from all the things she said to him, “live your truth” that’s what changed everything and made him the person he is today. He said that its important for people to live their truth if you not what are you living for?. His mother is a teacher and she taught him at grade one and he added that he never got any favoritism from her at school. He went to Unified Primary School and he says that it was very straining for him and he had to change schools and went to Randfontein primary school. He added that his mother is fabulous and shes amazing, shes his hero and that she made him the strong person that he is today. She raised him as a single parent.


He added that weird is good and that people react to what makes them uncomfortable. He says if he makes you uncomfortable its not him and that at the end of the end of the day its not about him, its about you and that you should ask yourself why is Lethabo making you uncomfortable. He said that he has learned that its not about him its about people and their un-comfortability. He added that he never took anything to heart even if people bashed him and that he is living his truth.


His into a lot of things and that back in high school in grade 8 he chose drama as a form of discipline. He fell in love with drama since. he said that his parents never decided for him instead his mother actually told him to do what he loves the most. He changed his family’s views when it comes to arts as they told him that its not a career and that he wont make money and right now they are proud of him and they now see that it is a cereer.

He says that he has changed from the person he was then to the person he is today. He said “am I arrogant? No, am I cocky? No, am I blessed Hell Yea!”. He said that he has changed for the good and he doesn’t think he has changed the person he is but the way he does things.


He says that he would do modeling any day and that his working on building a portfolio for him self this year. He recently did the SA Fashion week and he was also handpicked by the designer Black Coffee Joc.


He has acted on Hustle and Mmamello. Both shows require a different personality and he explained how he had to transition from one character to the other. He says that he had to speak a certain Sotho accent and he had to learn how to be a female for Hustle. He says that the hardest character to portray was from Generations and he asked himself how will he differentiate the characters he plays on all the shows. He said that as a costume has something special to bring about a certain character in a person. He added that he relates with all his characters. His first screen kiss was a girl and he said that he had to do what was on the script. He explains that as an actor its not about you its about the character.


He said that his picky when it comes to making decisions. He said that he didn’t want to be the regular gay character on screen who makes people laugh or hairstyle, but a gay character that has a honest story to them. He added that “Kamo” was his biggest break on screen.


His reaction when mentioning the legends he had to work with was a genuine feeling of appreciation. he said that he had to learn the hard way especially the language as he doesn’t speak seSotho he had to learn on set. He added that Mamello is his first love and that if they called him to work for free he would do it.


He said that in 5 years time he sees himself walking somewhere in Milan or Paris, his plan is to get abroad. He added that before he leaves he wants to create an online platform where people can interact and showcase their work, create work and inspire one another instead of waiting for somebody to give the youth work.

His word of motivation are, “surround yourself with people who believe in you if nobody believes in you surround yourself with yourself at the end of the day your all that you have, if you don’t believe in yourself no one is gonna believe in you. Do not be scared, life is meant to be felt, today you will be happy, tomorrow you will be sad, tomorrow you will be excited, tomorrow you will be crying life is meant to be felt”.


 He said that the actors that inspire him are Tim Mathaba who plays kamo’s mother on Mamello. He added that she is a breath of fresh air and he also likes the fact that she is young at arts and that she is childish but childish in a very good way, he added that she is everything and that she is a dream. And he also Likes Masasa he added that shes a force to be reckoned with and that he did the acting career because of her because he also wants to be on scandal. He loves her energy and all the characters that she plays on screen. He said that she inspires him.

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