Now With Anatii

Presenter : Naledi Moshidi

Guest       : Anatii

Venue      : Galata Bakery & Coffee

On the 7th of March we sat down with the one and only Anatii to actually find out more about him and his lifestyle, career and his views in the entertainment industry.

Below are the statements said by Anatii according to the questions that were asked enjoy!.


Anathi Mnyango also known as Anatii (stage name) was born in Bisho, Eastern Cape. He said that his a 24 year old, creative, musician, director, artist, design and a human being.


He started working in the industry when he was 14-15 years old, on his first placement on radio he was only 15 years old, and he was producing for other artists at that time. The challenges that he faced in the industry where being able to get on the platform so that he can show people what he has to offer to the industry. At just 24 years old he says that his still on his journey towards archiving his goals. He said, he doesn’t feel like he has made it yet and every day is a new opportunity to get better and archive what he has set up.

When he was 15 years old he was featured to work on the intro of the confederations cup for FIFA, he also added that he had worked with Coca-Cola too.


He says that AKA and & Cassper Nyovest have two different vibes and the environment or situation will have to accommodate the vibe for him to work with them on the same project.


He has release 10 fingers with aka already and they have just shot the music video for the song, he added that the song is a nice piece of art and that he is just excited to be back in the studio working on new material. He has worked with DJ Khaled, DJ Drama, Omarion and Tiwa Savage he couldn’t remember all the artists as he said that it’s hard to keep track of everybody that he has collaborated with as he said the most important thing is having music that he can vibe with. He said that he doesn’t collaborate with people he doesn’t vibe with. He added that this year alone he has worked on 10 collaborations which have not been released yet. He said that his ultimate goal as an artist is giving back and creating a platform for the young individuals who want to showcase their work either music, fashion or art so that they can learn more about those fields.

He said that his debut album Artiifact is a play between art and fact. He added that he gets his inspiration from everyday experiences to help him create the sounds that he produces. He added that a lot of the things that he sings about are the things that he goes through in life and that it’s not always about money, cars and girls. Apart from music he said that he is focused on his film work and his fashion designing work. He also has a youth development programmed too. They basically go around the country teaching kids about creating sustainable careers within the arts. He explains it’s not only about being a singer or rapper or producer but it’s also about how to be a marketing manager, CEO or ANR too. He  also added that he archives certain goals that he sets out his just ticking off the goals that he has set out.


His words of inspiration are, “just make sure that you follow your dream and make sure that it’s your passion a lot of people want to get into things which they have no passion for they might not even wanna learn more about that career, you have to educate yourself about what you want to do. A lot of people don’t really research and learn about their passion.”


His general top 5 songs are : -


• Michael Jackson - Wanna be starting something

• Michael Jackson – Librarian girl

• Brenda Fassie – Weekend special

• Luther Vandross – power of love


He said that he doesn’t listen to a lot of hip hop.

He couldn’t get to the 5th song. He said that the

mentioned tracks are his  top 4 that just come from

the top of his head.


The producers that he would like to work with are,


• Quincy Jones

• Pharrell

• Swizz Beats

• Kanye West


And again he couldn’t get to the 5th option. He said that some of the producers he might have worked with them already.

His views on the South African hip hop game he said that it’s in an amazing position as it is a young industry. He said it’s in a positive state right now.

His ultimate dream as a human being is to fulfil his purpose on earth. He added that his a very spiritual person too.


He concluded the interview by saying “don’t forget to pray as he has already prayed”. He also thanked the team for hosting him too.


This was such an amazing interview and a very inspiring session with Anatii.

Check out the full interview clip below

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